Time to Fly

This one is for all my believers in Christ out in the world. Just as iron sharpens iron (Proverbs 27:17), I have a few simple questions to ask. Are you flying? In relation to your creator, where is your life? I truly hope from the bottom of my heart that there is no offense with what will be spoken of in the following minutes and that you may take these questions as evaluation for where you are in life. I love you all but the truth sometimes hurts, but hey let’s have some fun.

As I think about the Lord and creator of not just my life but of the world, I can’t help but think that if He is on my side then my life has to be a reflection of who He is. Being the Alpha and Omega (Revelation 1:8), beginning and the end, creator and sustainer of all things, I strongly believe that the fruit of the relationship should be seen in my life and path. There are too many proclaimed ‘Christians’ that are living their lives with no evidence of a relationship with God in results of not their accomplishments but a path. I mean, why is it that you get bored, or settle for the little things in life. You are in a relationship with the one who invented creativity, the one who created a path for you to walk on. Wouldn’t you think that your life should be an adventure? Or at least full of adventures?

I love that you are here reading this at this moment but I munch rather be writing to an empty crowd as a result of your walking in your adventure with God than anything otherwise. As I write this, I am currently in transition from Belgrade, Serbia to Constanta, Romania and to be honest I have no idea of what is ahead. And the beautiful part is that I don’t even care about what goes on ahead. I am in such a deep relationship with my God that He takes me from place to place to make Him known to those who don’t know Him. Because of Him, I can have the opportunity to help out in migrant camps, play football all over Eastern Europe, teach others about forgiveness in order to free them from the pain bitterness brings and I simply have the opportunity to love people with a love that is supernatural.

What is God doing with you? What are you letting Him do with you? Are you following Him or making Him follow you? It is when you fully surrender your life and its plans and agenda to God and let His plans take place when you will experience what true relationship is. It is not about going places or serving others here and there but about the beautiful relationship that can be had with the Father that will bring you true joy as He meets and exceeds your expectations.

Take some time… Ask God to show you who is in control: you or Him? And just fully surrender yourself to Him and trust Him! He’s proven to be good and has lived in this world far longer than you or me, who really knows best? I say, stop settling, stop putting a burden upon yourself trying to manage life and make things appear out of nothing. Let your Father and creator give to you and love you. Enough with seeking love, acceptance, and a calling from anywhere else than what was supposed to be the source since the beginning. I feel like God is standing at your door right now with a ticket at hand, on the ticket the destination reads, “The World.” Do you accept?
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