Random Thoughts

It’s been quite some time since I last uploaded a post, but it is not because I have been lazy. I’ve been traveling ministering around in a few countries in Europe, so time has been a little tight due to evangelism and simply just loving on people since people need to be loved.

Today, Wednesday, May 17th at 5:40 pm I felt God push me toward writing this. There is no official topic in which I will be sharing on or any area I am targeting other than how good God is. These past months I have been the absolute best months of my life. Traveling is not the reason for this, and there’s no other reason for this other than the fact that I’ve dedicated the recent 5 months for growing with God. I have learned so much about who God is as well as who He is in my life, causing me to fall more and more in to a deep love with Him. God is so good! He is my Father, provider, strength, peace, love, joy, and many more attributes.
When being close to God, my Father, and when seeking Him with all my heart is when I find Him (Jeremiah 29:13). The thing is, He has been there all along. Everywhere that I go, in everything that I do, every situation I find myself in and every time I wake up or go to bed, my Father is with me. He said it Himself that He will never seek me or forsake me (Hebrews 13:5). Because of this, I can trust that no matter what is going on around me: whether good or bad, easy or difficult, God is there with me to help me get through it and not be overcome by the circumstance.
Currently, as I write this, there is such a deep and loving feeling that I am experiencing from within me that is totally unexplainable. One can only understand me if they have experienced this before. What I am feeling is a deep desire and love for God and from God. See, not only do I seek out God in my life but He too seeks me out ( Psalm 23:6). Just like in a relationship with an individual is the relationship we ought to have with God. Everything about Him is good and worth doing. Because of Him I know I am accepted, I am wanted, I am desired, I am loved and holy. Because of Jesus, I am made new and am blessed to live a life of fullness in Christ.
Nothing about this is fake, mythical or made up, but Jesus is real and wants a relationship with us. To listen to us, speak to us and spend quality time with us whether through coffee, tea, breakfast or even just going on a walk. No, He is not restrained to just the things listed above but Jesus is with us in everything we do. A life living with Him is simply walking in the things we do and seeking Him and listening to Him in those things. You are not alone! He is with you and you don’t have to feel lonely, not loved, not accepted, or broken anymore. Jesus wants to love you and give you new life as well as strength to push through it all. All you have to do is ask Him. And yes I literally mean ask Him. Whether you are sitting on a bus, car, computer or toilet, just say, “Jesus, if you are real, show me. Help me, and make me new. I no longer want to go through this alone and need your strength. Will you help me?” And just wait. He WILL answer you.
Life with Christ is beautiful! Simple. There are still hard times, times of trials and pain but no longer will it have to be done on your strength that will always result in failing. Now, you are walking with the creator of the universe and the one that already overcame the tough times in this world (John 16:33). You will make it through and have guidance in the darkness as well as hope in the storm. When walking with Jesus you are loved, desired, royalty, set apart and a son or daughter of the king! Don’t lose hope, He is your hope and strength. Jesus is not only your refuge but He is salvation. Seek Him with all your heart, and then and only then is when you will find Him.

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