“Do not hold back”

The scriptures state an eternal truth when it states that, “All Scripture is God-breathed,” (2 Timothy 3:16) meaning that it came directly from God through man, into this world. His word being very sacred and holy, even to the point that in the Old Testament (before God became man to enter this world for our redemption), if a ‘prophet’ would speak words that were not given by God, he was to be put to death. Meaning that with the holy fear not to add or take away from God’s word, the bible is the very words of God to us, His people, His children.

In 2 Peter 1:20-21 we read,

“You must understand that no prophecy of Scripture came about by the prophet’s own interpretation. For prophecy never had its origin in the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along.”

Isaiah 40:8 reads,

“The grass withers, the flower fades, But the Word of our God stands forever.”

And Jesus’ very words are recorded in Matthew 5:18 when He states,

“For truly I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest letter or stroke shall pass from the Law [or The Holy Scriptures] until all is accomplished.”

 The truth is, God has been preserving His word for thousands of years and making sure that through time, it is still His words that remain.

Throughout my walking with Jesus I have noticed that there are certain scriptures that He brings up to me repeatedly, constantly bringing new revelation through the same six words. It’s as if each time He reminds me of the same six words, He comes again and unlocks a world of understanding, accompanied with a practical way to put it into practice; it’s beautiful every time. As He reminded me of it this time, He would not allow me to move forward until I sat and wrote that which you currently read; here it is.

Isaiah 54:2 begins with the six-word phrase, full of revelation (an unveiling of Jesus) time and time again. “Enlarge the place of your tent.” As I read this a thought came to me, all scripture is God breathed, but is God still breathing upon His scripture? Every moment His breadth comes upon the words that we read, His very breadth brings a new understanding of Jesus as the Holy Spirit (breath of God) unveils/reveals Jesus to us once again and in a new light? Could it be that we can read the same six words and see Jesus in a new way every time? . . YES! Simply because God is great, majestic, opening Himself to us, filled with love, eager to reveal Himself to us and as I like to think, playing hard to get.

Isaiah 54:2 continues on to say the very words that became a stop sign and direction for me to sit and write that which you are currently reading. “…do not hold back…” As I read these words the Holy Spirit began to give me a vision, and in this vision, He led me to a prayer that is secret between Him and I but having to do with not holding back. There is so much that Jesus has in store for us in the Kingdom of God as we are spending time in the world. The Kingdom of God does not begin when we die, but now. John the Baptist and Jesus came proclaiming, “repent for the kingdom of God is near.” Near meaning, it has arrived, it is here, NOW. Paul later commands us not to become caught up or to not love the things of the world, for the one who loves the things of the world and gets caught up in its affairs, is contrary to God and the love of the Father is not in them. Strong words that divide: the kingdom of God from the affairs of the world.

What if Jesus desires us to be so caught up in Him, living our very lives in heaven while on earth and with such a gaze upon Him that we constantly forget where we are as a result of being in such a deep love with Him. What if He desires to blind us with His love (not literally), that He then has us close enough to clothe Himself with us and accomplish His commission and will through us? What if He meant it when He said that the first and greatest commandment is to “love the Lord God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind”? What if through that love and desire to always be with Him, he longs to bring heaven on earth and establish His kingdom? What if it is that same love that leads us to accomplish the second greatest commandment to love our neighbor as ourselves? And what if that same love is the outpouring that causes others to know that we are Jesus’ disciples, by the way we love one another. . ?

Jesus desires for us to not hold back as we seek Him. With Jesus, the depths are never ending, and He has made Himself fully available to us as He wants us to fully dive into Him and seek Him to our fullest capability for our entire lives. The truth is, your current intimacy and depth in relationship with Jesus is a direct result of your seeking Him. If He has made Himself fully available to us, let us give our all in seeking Him, loving Him and living with Him. He will fill as many jars that we bring, and it will never be enough for Him. He will always respond with, “this is all?” and still fill it entirely. O that I may live my life in heaven with a foot on the earth. Want revival to occur? Do Not Hold Back. He is not.

Do not

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