Redeemed to Redeem

It is crazy to think about the fact that God actually trusts us with His heart and His vision. I mean, we are talking about the creator of the world and maker of the stars. And such a grand and intelligent being that He is… with an agenda of how He sees His creation and story play out, yet He trusts me as a man who missed the mark by far. When He told me to go right, I went left; up I went down. Everything about His plan; I somehow managed to succeed at doing the complete opposite of it all, but He still chose to trust me and place Himself within me and trust me with His plan.

Words; there is something about the power that they carry. So many times in my life I have seen where I stand and seen it be a certain way that I would not think to be breakable, and able to raise out of it. Somehow, every time God saw something in me and something in the situation that I could not see, He spoke a word over me that caused a shift in the atmosphere and led me to a new sight and vision, toward a door that opened unexpectedly. He made a way where there was no way. He caused a river to form in the midst of the desert. Suddenly the mountains that held me from my future, my heart, my goals, were gone in the blink of an eye. My God is a way maker.

It was the word that He spoke to me regarding what He saw in the future that I could not see, and gave me the strength that appeared from on high. The Lord was with me in the present and the future. He saw, sympathized and appeared so that I may rise and stand with Him. As He continued to lift, He continued to lead. Throughout that process I little by little began to look more and more like Jesus, but not because of my doing but because of His. And without knowing I began to walk in the word He spoke to me throughout my troubled time.

Now back to the crazy thoughts about how The Lord trusts me with His church and His children… What an honor. What I love is that in all this process, somehow Jesus steps in without me acknowledging and begins to shape me in the way He desires to see His church walk and the way He desires His church to look. And through my simple living, they see and follow what The Lord placed in me for them to grow in intentionally. The God of the universe, stars, and my heart trusts me with His children. Wow. I wonder what He is impacting tomorrow by what He is leading me in today.


Redeemed to redeem

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