The Harvest is Plenty, Workers are Few

The Harvest is Plenty, Workers are Few

During His time here on earth Jesus would see a need and just like any man on a mission, He would do what was needed to fill the need. During this time of need as the world roams around with fear in their hearts in response to ISIS and the attempted terrorizing, what are you doing to bring about the hope of Jesus to those in need? Would you consider taking a step of faith to work alongside Jesus to fill the need that is at hand?


Lifevest Graveyard

Life Vest Graveyard
(Dumping ground for life vests following the escape from Turkey to Lesvos, Greece by a small and dangerous inflatable boat across the Aegean Sea)


Hello, my name is Christopher Quiñones and I am a full-time missionary based out of Biarritz, France with the organization Youth With A Mission (YWAM). Within the previous year The Lord has been placing it in my heart to become more involved with the current refugee crisis going on in the middle east as ISIS tries to rise up and overthrow multiple cities and countries surrounding Syria and the neighboring countries. As a result of the recent ISIS up rise hundreds and thousands of men, women and children are escaping and being smuggled out from their homes as they are given the decision to either join the terrorist group or be executed by them along with their families.

Within the past few months I have had the opportunity to work alongside a wonderful organization in North Serbia known as Belgr-Aid that focuses on cooking and serving lunch to multiple refugee camps ranging from 1300 – 2000 people daily with refugee migrants that escaped from Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Somalia, etc. In this I have been able to see the need first hand based off the injustices faced daily by these wonderful individuals that are simply trying to raise a family and live a regular life. Through Youth With A Mission there is a first hand opportunity to work alongside the current work being done throughout Europe; not only in being the hands and feet of Jesus to these individuals in need by physical/material needs but most importantly through sharing the powerful and redemptive message of the gospel.

For many years the prayers have consisted of asking God for ways to go into the middle east to preach the gospel to those blindly following the ways of Islam but God answered that prayer in a different way by bringing the Muslims we are trying reach out of the nations closed to the gospel and into nations open to the gospel in order to have the opportunity to reach the lost. With such a great task there is a need for a great amount of workers because just as Jesus said in Matthew 9:37, “The harvest is plenty but the workers are few.” This verse applies to this situation precisely since there are people coming in to the island of Lesbos, Greece (known as refugee island) by the thousands weekly.

Would you join in the efforts of bringing the gospel to the lost and bringing hope to a generation robbed of their hope? I would like to challenge you to pray and ask God if He is calling you to go or send a team to be a part of reaching the multitudes in any of the many open opportunities in need of help. Ideally, workers are needed in all of the locations helping during this crisis (Lesbos (Greece), Athens (Greece), Brussels (Belgium), Bad Blankenburg (Germany), Dalarna (Sweeden), Sicily (Italy), and more). But if it is difficult to send teams out then the next greatest way that you can help would be in a financial partnership with individuals who are being called but might be hindered at times due to finances (me). During this time of great need there are many ways to lend a hand and help. In which way can you partner to help in what God is doing throughout this time of crisis?



Partner up Financially?

God has repeatedly communicated that I am called to work in this line of work bringing the gospel to the lost and help be His hands and feet during this crisis as well as bringing hope to the hopeless. Would you pray to see if God is calling you to partner with me financially whether through a one time or an ongoing monthly partnership? (Click on the picture for a link to help)

Pray with me?

In order to keep this community of world changers around I am in need of prayer for:
– Ongoing Financial Partners
– Pioneering of YWAM Lesvos
– The workers to respond to God’s call


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