Life’s Purpose

As I sit and gaze around the room I notice a grand purpose of what life is about. The chairs, the walls, the drinks, and decorations are all just an excuse to walk in the purpose of life. The people come, they sit, they drink and most important, they engage. If there is something I have learned about life in Lesbos is that relationships are a priority. They are a must and without them, people perish. Without relationships, there is no meaning.

Have you ever pondered on what the meaning of life is? What the point of coffee shops? Why do people go to restaurants? Bars? Nightclubs? Or even travel around the world?




Take a moment and think about that. . . (Write it down and send it to me, because I would like to hear some of your thoughts)




I would like to state that the meaning of life is truly relationships. Everything we do revolves around them. It is out of relationships that one’s self-esteem is built. It is out of relationships that core strengths are built and lives are made. Without relationship, we can look in the mirror and not recognize what we see. But it is also through relationship that one can look in the mirror and see gold.

We can see that since the beginning of time we were hard-wired for relationship. This was the very purpose of creation. When God created man in Genesis, He created Him for relationship. God doesn’t need us but He wants us. He desires relationship with His creation, with His children.

If Jesus is the way, truth and life and only way to the Father, then why do we want to get to the Father in the first place? Why is it of any value to us to try and get to the Father? Well since you asked, the most respectful thing for me to do is respond. The Father is where we find ultimate fulfillment, ultimate satisfaction, and ultimate life. It is in Him and in Him alone that we are able to be who we are. God being our Father, who is also our creator, is also the one we are to seek out for purpose.

Many people question and try to find out their meaning for life. Some search for it by doing things and trying out everything this world has to offer to only find that it was a waste of time because it was all vanity. A purpose for our lives is to have relationship with the Father. And from that relationship, He shows us what He created us to do, and what He has created us to redeem as well as who He has created us to reach out to and impact through relationship. But it is only through a relationship with the Father that we can experience this and find life’s true meaning.

Therefore I challenge you. Do you know your meaning for being alive? Are you aware of your purpose? Where you fit inside God’s plan of redemption for this world? If you do, power to you! Continue to make a difference and simply love and pursue God and people. If you cannot answer this question confidently then I challenge you to take some time and ask Jesus! If He was the one who created you then it is safe to say that He knows you best and can tell you where you best fit.

If you need prayer and guidance on how to listen to God about this then please reach out and let’s walk this out together.

“Man only seeks pleasure when He can’t find meaning” (Viktor Frankl). Don’t settle for pleasure when there’s great meaning for your life. Be blessed!

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